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Natural soaps, organic soaps, liquid or solid soaps, what's the difference ?

If we haven't answered yours, please post it on our BLOG!

Q1 - Are your soaps natural ?

R1 - Yes, our soaps are made right here in our soap factory with olive oil, organic coconut oil and beeswax (Frelighsburg). They contain no synthetic fragrances (only essential oils or natural ingredients like honey, cocoa and oatmeal), and no additives, stabilizers or preservatives. They are plant-based and biodegradable and can be used on your body, face and hair.

Q2 - Are your soaps organic ?

R2 - The Soleil de l'Est range of soaps are made from organic oils, but we chooose not to certify the product. Many of the ingredients we use are organic, such as coconut oil (100% of the ingredients in our stain remover soap) the shea butter, coconut oil, hemp oil and sunflower oil, but not all are. However, they are neither synthetic nor GMO like many other vegetable oils (palm, soya, canola, etc.). We make the best possible choices and work with local producers whenever possible (Champy for sunflower oil, Naturressence for evergreen essential oils).

Q3 - Do you make liquid soap ?

R3 - No, and we have no plans to do so. You should know that in order for it to remain liquid, all liquid soaps contain a large proportion of additives (for the texture), stabilizers and preservatives. That means that unless it has a best before date in the 3 to 6 months after it is made, liquid soap is not *natural*. Furthermore, they contain a large proportion of water (first ingredient) and come in a bottle that is rarely recycled and/or reused. As a company, we have made an environmental choice to offer our customers bar soap instead of liquid soap. Did you know that the bottle accounts for about 40% of the cost of production? First you pay for the bottle and the water, then the rest.

Q4 - Do your soaps dissolve quickly ?

R4 - No! When you buy artisanal soap, after each use, it is important to allow it to dry on something that allows air to circulate – the underside of the soap has to be able to dry, ideally on a soap rack. A family of four using the soap daily for their body, face and hair should expect to go through a bar about every two weeks.

Q5 - Do I have to let the soap cure ?

R5 - Soaps have to cure (dry) for 30 days before being used. When you buy our soap, it has already cured – no need for additional curing. If you buy several bars of soap at a time, you should know that olive oil soap hardens in the air, so do not wrap them up to keep them. If stored several months, it will become harder and could last longer, but use it within one year of purchase for best quality. 

Q6 - How long do your products keep ?

R6 - To ensure optimal quality, we recommend you use our soaps, lip balms and deodorants in the year following purchase, and our body butters and shea butter in the two years following purchase.

Q7 - What is the best soap for dry skin or eczema ?

R7 - All our soaps are very soothing and much hydrating for your skin, but try our "Lavender, shea butter and marigold" soap. We make this soap with lavender essential oil, which repairs and soothes skin, 5% shea butter, which protects the skin and revitalizes, and we use olive oil with macerated marigold, a medicinal plant that soothes skin irritation. 

Q8 - Quel est le meilleur savon pour la peau grasse ? 

R8 - Our marine mud and grapefruit soap (The Mermaid) is a bit astringent to regulate oils without being too harsh on skin like commercial abrasive solutions (Spectro-Gel). It is gentle but effective at regulating facial and body oils, and an excellent choice for athletes, people with oily skin or hair or who are prone to acne. 

Q9 - What soap can I use to wash my hair ?

R9 - Use our Hair Vitality shampoo bar(Madame Tignasse) for a healthy head of hair, or our organic sunflower oil Hair soap. You can use any of our soaps to wash your hair, except for our exfoliating products. Olive oil is ideal for caring for your hair. It regulates scalp oils and can sort out oily and dry hair problems.